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A Day at the Races: Adventures in Dresses | {Del Mar Photographer}

Adventures in Dresses #5 : A day at the races

Welcome to the place in San Diego where “The Turf Meets the Surf”. Del Mar is the home to great beaches, a beautiful annual fair the legendary seaside track that was founded in the 1930’s by Hollywood icon Bing Crosby and a few celebrity pals.

A child’s imagination can be captured at the horse races. Perhaps it is the beautiful animals, the excitement of a crowd screaming as they race to a finish line. Or perhaps. maybe the fact that the riders are not much larger than they .. a promise that good things come in small packages. One thing is for sure… COLORS and NUMBERS hold a unique learning opportunity.

After watching the horses hot walked in the paddock, the girls collectively chose their favorite:  the “PINK one” was the universal choice.  The mom’s had a more scientific method for placing their bets and selected horse by name. Surely “Dress Code” would be a winner.

The girls had a great time, cheering on the PINK horses (and their pink pick did in fact win the chosen race,) sharing snacks and then riding small horses on the in field, topping it off with some bouncy fun and hay stack jumping.

Our little ladies made a big statement and even were filmed for the video jumbotron feed wearing  MATILDA JANE PLATINUM dresses. Miss S in an older, rare ellie top called “4th of July” and Miss M in “Red Pear” ellie, and Miss L wore a recent flutter called “Tangerine Scene.”

Enjoy our short video of the day …yes, even the AID mamas make a discreet cameo.

Be sure to stay tuned for more Adventures In Dresses. With the Fall approaching, there will be some great Fall suprises


Adventures in Dresses- A day at the races from Carrie Gugger on Vimeo.

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