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Family is Everything | {San Diego Family Photographer}

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing this very sweet family, the H family. They were selected last fall to receive a complimentary session/images, as part of my Thanks and Giving pay it forward, blog post here: link. Here is the nomination that made me tear up. I’m so happy to give these beautiful images of love to such a deserving family.

“When I saw your post, immediately, one family came to my mind. The H family. They have been my dad’s neighbors for several years. Throughout those years our families have become very close. They even own one of our crazy Boston Terrier puppies from a litter our dogs had. A couple of years ago their daughter became ill. After several sicknesses and back pain they came to find out that she, I believe she was 12 or 13 at the time, had Lymphoma. This started the fight for her life. They fought hard. They never asked anyone for anything. They stayed strong and hopeful. They sold their cars. The father lost his job (he did find another job, thankfully!). They are now losing their house. They have lost so much fighting for the one thing that means everything to them… But their daughter is now cancer free. If anyone deserves to have their amazing family captured beautifully by your talent, it is them.”

And a word from mom about her daughter, Ms. A:

“A’s story is one of strength. She was diagnosed Sept 2011 at 12 yrs old with stage 3 Burkitt’s lymphoma. It was an aggressive fast growing cancer. She took 10 rounds of chemo and 4 surgeries in a year’s time. Her hair came out when she was 13 and she has a scar from her chest all the way down. She never gave up and survived with the grace I didn’t know she had! She is now 20 months in remission! We are so very thankful to have her! She is a really amazing young lady.”

Thank you H family for sharing your story and joining me for an evening of beautiful light and love. Enjoy!

Lynne Brown - I must say you picked a wonderful, well deserving, hard working, always there for you family!! So happy for them! I might be a little bias but that doesn’t mean that everything I said isn’t true! I’m related to H family.

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