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Matilda Jane and the Patchwork Bear| {San Diego Portrait Photographer}

There is an art to childhood.

Beauty in the daily moments of discovery, growth, love.

As a photographer, I do my very best to capture these precious seconds that speak to the hearts of my clients in a life affirming way. Much like photographs, visual objects such as a child’s “lovie,” even an article of clothing can imprint on the most unforgettable moments of life. This is the foundation of the new friendship between the creative forces at The Patchwork Bear and Matilda Jane Clothing. Brought together by a shared heart for children, good works and charitable effort… it is a beautiful and easy match.

Imagine your children… growing into their daily moments in comfort and style, and then having those objects made into a “lovie” that they (and you) will never outgrow.

This month, all customers of Matilda Jane will receive a discount code to The Patchwork Bear, and 50 very lucky individuals will receive a golden ticket. That ticket is their claim to a custom, limited edition MJ Patchwork Bear that has been made in the USA by moms who understand that these precious moments are a gift to be remembered. Whether you receive a golden ticket or choose to take advantage of the holiday discount, your patchwork bear has the making of a lifetime treasure.

Photos below are my daughter and her bestie, Scout, who was the inspiration for the very first Matilda Jane Patchwork Bear in 2013



Naomi - Precious!! Too sweet for words!

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