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Nighttime at the Zoo: Adventures in Dresses | {San Diego Portrait Photographer}

Adventures in Dresses week 4: Night ZOO

One of the most wonderful treasures of San Diego is the world famous zoo. The zoo is “home” to over 700, 000 exotic plants and 3,700 rare animals. We were delighted to discover that during the summer months, guests are invited to stay until 9pm.

Our children marveled at the beautiful colors and sounds of animals from all over the planet. They learned why flamingos are pink, and watched a lion pace from 10 feet away (us moms were concerned that the girls looked like dessert in their sweet dresses, and my son claims he was licking his lips!)

As the day turned dusk, we witnessed the joy of our children as nocturnal animals moved and performed. A young elephant put on a private dance, Koalas moved between eucalyptus trees for dinner and birds performed a sunset serenade.

It was the coolest zoo trip I have ever been on, and the kids celebrated long summer nights in a way that we will not soon forget.

Our little ladies wore some 2014 MATILDA JANE PLATINUM dresses. Miss S in an ellie top called Carnival and Miss M in an flutter called Tightrope. They were both colorful in a world that is more beautiful … because they are in it.

Be sure to stay tuned for more Adventures In Dresses. Later this month we are off to the races…

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