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Off to Preschool | {Encinitas Child Photographer}

I’m finally getting around to blogging my baby’s first preschool pics. About a month ago now, my little lady started her first year of preschool. I stay home full time with her, so this was a big step for both of us. She is our second, and last kid to go off to school. I was so excited for her, as she is extremely social and loves being around other kids, but I was sad for myself. Starting preschool, I could no longer pretend she was still a baby. At almost 3, she is a “big girl” and goes to “big girl preschool!”

She handled her first day like a champ. Gave us hugs then went back to her business of playing. Not a tear shed. Except mine of course, and only after I made it to the car. She loves preschool, and though she runs and gives me big hugs when I pick her up. The next thing she says is that she’s not ready yet, and “I’m still playin’ momma!” So we stay and play until one of her friends is ready to leave, so we can all walk out together.

My little lady, you are an absolute joy to watch as you grow and change. But please slow down, I could keep you this way forever <3


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