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they grow up too fast | {Carlsbad Photographer}

One of the best things about my job is that I can do a photo session with my kids at any time and for any reason. Today’s reason was that my son lost his first tooth! He lost it at school while eating an apple. He was so excited! He was showing everyone that would look. He told all his friends that since he lost his first tooth at age 5, it would be another 5 years before his next one would fall out 🙂  but he already has a second one that’s loose. He decided he’s not ready for the tooth fairy to take it yet, he’s been sleeping with it for a couple nights to make sure she doesn’t get it lol! I love this age! and I love that I can document every moment because they pass so fast!

Nate D - Yes, these moments are precious!

We are so thankful that we chose you as our photographer to capture our family’s precious moments. I love the picture you took of our two year old son hugging our nine month old daughter. Our son never seems to smile for us when we take pictures but you did a great job getting him to smile and have fun during the whole shoot.

You rock!

Nicola - Oh wow, beautiful pictures! What a handsome young man! Beautiful brown eyes like my son has 🙂

Jamie Loomis - Beautiful job and handsome subject!

Amber - What a handsome little guy! Great shots! <3

Kelley - What a great smile! Nice job.


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