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Photography Tips on Tuesday | {San Diego Child Photographer}

If you are a follower of this blog, you know that I’m crazy about backlight. Even when I don’t have my camera in hand, I look around during golden hour and all I can think about is how pretty everything is with backlighting. The plants and flowers sparkle, and people get an angelic glow. I have been known to run in and grab my camera when my kids are playing out on our court at sunset, just because it’s so darn pretty! But today’s tip is about achieving backlighting indoors any time of day. Much like outdoors, you want your main light source to be behind your subject, so place your subject in front of a bright window with no direct sunlight, though not too close to it, as that will give you too much light. Then you want to make sure there is something in front of your subject to bounce some of the window light back into their face. Here’s my sample:


I have her set up about 8 feet away from a bright window (with no direct sunlight), and there is a mirror about 4 feet in front of her that’s bouncing light back onto her face and making catchlights in her eyes. I just love the way the light makes her hair sparkle and wraps around her so softly.

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