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What to wear


Although your family and your kids are the primary focus of the portrait session, what you are wearing will have a great impact on the overall look of your images. I’m always happy to help you style your session as you are choosing outfits. I also have a pinterest board linked above full of what to wear inspiration. To get you started, here’s a list of things I recommend:

– first start with a color palette. This might be complimentary colors (say all cool tones of blue and green), or it could be contrasting colors (say blue and yellow). You want to make sure your color palette includes colors that work together to make a visually appealing image. See my pinterest board for ideas of color palettes. Complimentary colors will give you a more harmonious, calming image. Contrasting colors will make the colors pop and will attract the eye to your image. More neutral palettes will put more of the focus on the faces and interactions.

– once you have a color palette, look for clothing that fits into your palette and fits your family’s style

– accessories can be really fun if your child enjoys wearing them. Think scarves, hats, jewelry, boots. Accessories are also a fun way to incorporate your color palette

– don’t forget about shoes. They can be a fun way to add color and enhance your color palette. Often young children are photographed barefoot if appropriate

– layers and texture will give your photos added depth and interest

– choose clothing that is timeless and classic.

– choose clothing that is location appropriate.

– allow your child to have some input if age appropriate. They will feel like they are invested in the process and will feel more comfortable with what they are wearing the day of the session

– newborns are lost in clothing and are typically photographed without clothing, swaddled in blankets or in diaper covers and/or hats. For newborn sessions, I recommend parents and siblings wear very neutral clothing for classic timeless images that focus on the new baby.


And a few don’ts:

– no screenprinted shirts or large logos on clothing

– don’t choose clothing you know your kids will not like wearing. You don’t want to be fighting them right before your session.

– no matchy matchy outfits

– don’t do too comfortable. no sweats,  very casual wear, or wrinkled clothing


I keep a small studio wardrobe of clothing that works well for photos. I have various sizes for boys and girls in brands like Matilda Jane, Persnickety, Gap, and other boutique brands. If you’d be interested in borrowing any of this clothing, let me know what sizes, and I can show you what I have that may coordinate with your vision for your session. Some of the items I have are shown on my Pinterest board (linked above) to give you an idea.